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Our Story

Being founded by a nanny with over 11 years of experience, we here at TNWP understand that life is a balancing act and families need household services that puts family first, provides quality service and has dependable care. We have made obtaining the services your family needs easier and more personable, by reinventing how you select the care you need for home and your little ones.


To allow families the space to create the life they imagine.


To enrich the lives of children by fostering an atmosphere of creativity, structure, and balance.


To enhance the day-to-day lives of parents by providing a la carte childcare and household assistance.

“It wasn’t until after my mother's death that I realized where my passion and purpose in life was. I feel that I keep a piece of her alive through my work with children and their families. It allows me to sprinkle all of the love, compassion and nurture she instilled in me.”

Meet the Founder

Meet Samantha Mays

CEO & Founder

A step in the right direction towards a passionate, rewarding career.

Samantha Mays started as a babysitter for her professors while studying at Misericordia University. She has since nannied for numerous families in the Greater Philadelphia area for over five years. 

After transferring to Temple University and later obtaining dual degrees in African American Studies and Political Science, Samantha decided to pursue her dream of starting her own business. Since launching The Nanny Wears Prada, she has also worked with the Boys & Girls Club, where she mentors at-risk youth. 

Samantha was raised by a mother who was loving, supportive and fun, but also strict.

Her mother taught her social graces and the importance of respecting oneself and others. Samantha’s mother experienced the loss of her own mother at an early age and rose to the challenge of raising her younger siblings.

Throughout her childhood years, Samantha played field hockey, was on the debate team, sang in chorus, acted in drama club, and was class president of her graduating class, where she gave the commencement speed at her high school graduation. Like most, Samantha understands that families balance busy and chaotic schedules. 

"An experienced leader."

Listening & learning from others in order to lead your own. 

In 2011, Samantha Mays enlisted in the Army National Guard, where she learned to hone-in skills as a member of a team. She was soon promoted to the ranks of an Sergeant where she learned that a true leader is one who is able to not only teach but listen and follow. She was combat lifesaver certified and received training and qualification in other military areas.

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